Sheep buried near Perrin Ranch Wind Farm to protect eagles.

by Glen Davis

WILLIAMS (Feb. 6, 2011)—The reports of an agricultural incident at Perrin Ranch are true, but not as bad as believed.

Lynda Lambert of the Arizona Game and Fish department explained that during November and December, sheep were dying of cardiac arrest when a permittee handling the sheep feed them cattle feed or supplements. No cattle were affected. There was no immediate count on how many sheep were affected.

Lynda added in an email, “From a wildlife perspective, the issue was resolved and it had little direct impact to wildlife.”

The permittee left the sheep laying where they fell attracting Bald and Golden eagles into the area. This was mainly a concern because of the proximity to the new Perrin Ranch Wind Farm approximately 13 miles outside of Williams. The carcasses are currently being buried. They pose no environmental threat nor are considered poisonous to wildlife.