I Scream!

Ice cream truck back in Williams.

WILLIAMS—I did something today that I have not done in a long time. Bought an ice cream off of an old-fashioned ice cream truck in Williams.

An ice cream truck used to travel from Flagstaff to Williams, but ceased several years ago. Now Tracy Ross has filled the void after a six-month renovation and the musical sound of the ice cream truck can once again be heard. The Four Kids Ice Cream truck was introduced at the Independence Day parade in Williams. They are working out a schedule to find the best time to travel through Williams. If you have suggestions or would like to have the truck at your birthday party or special event, you can call 928-499-8339.

The truck evokes nostalgic memories of the days of kids waiting roadside to listen for the musical sound of the approaching ice cream truck. At least that is what older people tell me. I’m not old enough to have such memories.