Arizona receives D+ in government integrity

According to the State Integrity Investigation web site, Arizona received a D+ in integrity ranking 30th amongst the fifty States. Arizona has a 68% corruption risk. Georgia has the lowest corruption risk at 59%

Poll consistantly rank integrity among the most important virtues in a politician. “But leaders in many states fall short of citizens’ expectations. In Massachusetts, the last three house speakers were convicted on corruption. In Illinois, four ofthe last nine governors have gone to prison. Scandals have shaken more than half the nation’s statehouses in the past decade,” thier web site states.

The State Integrity Investigation is a $1.5 million public collaboration designed to expose practices that undermine trust in state capitols — and spotlight the states that are doing things right.

The site considers many areas they consider important and generate a report card. Arizona received an F in State Civil Service Management, State Pension Fund Management, State Insurance Commissions, Lobbying Disclosure and Ethics Enforcement Agencies. Arizona received an A in Redistricting which is open to debate for many Arizonans.

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