MIB 3 Now on DVD

Review By Glen

I went to see Jurassic Park when it first came out. I believe it was the second day of the opening. This is seemingly an unamazing fact to add to a review of Men in Black 3. The amazing part is that when it came out, I had not seen a trailer or read any movie information. That is probably more amazing when you consider that I was very much into the Science Fiction genre at the time.

The only reason that I even saw it was that I had picked up a friend of mine arriving from France. This was before TSA. As we passed by the theater, she excitedly pointed to the marquee and said that she wanted to see the picture. It was one of the rare moments in which I had cash, in those days, so I agreed. Thus I entered with no preconceived notions.

I was blown away. Usually trailers give too much of the movie away, so not having seen a trailer I went in totally in the dark. It was one of the best movie experiences that I have ever had.

I do not remember what prompted me to go to the Men in Black movie. I went in with no knowledge of the background of the characters or story. I believe that it was drawn from a comic book series that I never read. Again I went in with no preconceived notions of the film and again I was blown away. It was one of the best movies I had seen in some time.

The reason I tell you this is that I do not like to add spoilers. So I will not comment on the plot of the film. I will only say that it is a rarity that a sequel is better than the original. The first sequel to do that was probably the 1952 Son of Paleface staring Bob Hope. Like Jurassic Park 2, Men in Black 2 was okay but they did not really measure up to the original. Like the 3rd Jurassic Park, however, Men in Black 3 rate that coveted “better than the original” honor. You can find ample information on the Internet if you have not seen the film and want to spoil it.

These days I do not much follow trailers and movies having other knowledge to gain that I feel of more importance. So I did not even know there was a Men in Black 3 until a friend of mine said that she wanted to buy a copy. (Guys, I’m beginning to believe, as I grow older, that maybe we should listen to the women just from time-to-time)

Those of you that have seen the movie will know my references while others will have to view the movie.

The plot, as I said, was excellent. I couldn’t really find any technical problems because I was enjoying the plot.

I will have to reveal that the movie starts with a eulogy by K over the passing of Zed. Zed is replaced by Agent O played by Emma Thompson. Although I’ll miss Rip Torn, Emma was a great replacement.

K & J are still the same—K being the grumpy old man and J his “cool” side. This time they face Boris, just Boris—the evil Boglodite and the last of his alien race. Josh Brolin plays a young K who teams up with J to stop the alien and save the world from invasion. Of course we all know that there is an Arquillian battle cruiser or some other threat to earth and the only way that we get on with our miserable little lives is that these brave Men in Black keep us from knowing about it. The banter and dialogue is excellent and right in line with the rest of the series.

I do feel at liberty to inform you that they save the earth. Otherwise you would not be around to see the film, right?