Muslim Brotherhood gives training to US agencies to fight them

Bill Whittle of PJTV spoke with two whistleblowers who alleged that the agencies tasked with protecting our country against terrorism actually receive training from those terrorist groups.

He spoke with a Department of Defense analyst and an FBI agent under conditions of anonymity.

The Defense Department analyst stated that he found much of the information on Sharia law in English. He found that Islamic law supported the position of radical terrorists groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, rather than so-called moderate groups. He claims that upper Defense Department personnel stopped using his reports. Though he said that some used his reports in support of their operations to great success.

The FBI agent remarked that much of the information he gives can be found on the Internet. He mentions the Holy Land Foundation—formerly called the Occupied Land Fund—which was shut down by the Bush Administration because it set up by the Muslim Brotherhood to funnel funds to Hamas. The Supreme Court refused to hear their case in October of this year.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was part of a coalition in support of the Holy Land Foundation. The FBI agent claims that, “…every major Muslim organization in the United States is a Muslim Brotherhood front—specifically the most prominent organization.” The three most prominent organizations, he says, are the Muslim Public Affairs Council, CAIR, Islamic Society of North America.

CAIR is Hamas, the FBI agent alleges, and ISNA is a huge Hamas entity in America. CAIR and ISNA are the two groups that the US government—including the FBI, DOD, State Department and DHS—look to to do their outreach to the Muslim community in the United States.

These groups are not included in the right-wing or left-wing extremist group reports generated by the Department of Homeland Security.

The FBI and DHS allows these groups to sit in on investigative techniques conferences. “For instance, in the FBI, the General Counsel of the FBI, Valerie Caproni, invited these Muslim organizations, as well as the ACLU and other groups in, to make sure that the investigative techniques and Attorney General guidelines and the way the FBI was going to implement the Attorney General guidelines were okay and not offensive to these organizations.”

The FBI offers no such invitations to Americans who support the Constitution.

Bill Whittle said that training in the real threat of terrorism in the United States is not given—not even to local Sheriff’s Deputies in Arizona.

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