Texan of the Year nominations still coming in for Larry Hagman

They started shortly after Larry Hagman died Thanksgiving weekend. They continued through the next week and into this one. Larry Hagman is a people’s favorite for Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year.

A sampling of the emails, starting with one from yesterday:

– From Dorothy Herrington:

I nominate Larry Hagman as Texan of the Year. Not only was he a great entertainer (who could possibly forget “J.R.”?), but he supported the South Dallas Cultural Center, launched the Larry Hagman Foundation, gave thousands to the Dallas Children’s Center, Big Thought, Artreach, Frazier Revitalization, and also organized a program for Dunbar Elementary. He advocated organ donation especially after his own transplant in 1995. The only Larry Hagman most of us knew was that he had such a zest for life, and had this uncanny ability to play his acting parts like no other.

We shall never forget him, and will miss him greatly. I would wonder what he is orchestrating upstairs right now, but am sure all those present are under his spell at this very moment. Oh, that we could see what kind of mischief he is conjuring up, as he twitches those eyebrows. You can bet it is entertaining.

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