‘Slurpee’ brain freeze blamed for 5-vehicle crash

It has long been an axiom that drinking and driving can kill. It is unknown if Texas legislatures are drafting new Slurpee regulations. No toaster pastries were reported at the scene. This comes just days after 7-11 started offering a free Slurpee to download their iPhone or Android app. It appears that you can download the app and activate the coupon in the store to obtain the Slurpee without a background check. Offer probably void in New York.

Original-slurpeeSAN ANTONIO — A driver lost control of his truck and crashed it into four other vehicles on the Southwest Side Friday.

The accident happened around 2:30 p.m. Friday in the 2800 block of General Hudnell. The driver said he was drinking a “Slurpee,” when he got a ‘brain freeze’ and blacked out. His truck went over a curb and hit four vehicles in a parking lot at an office building on Port S.A. When he came to, his foot was still on the gas pedal.

Police said the man passed a field sobriety test.

No injuries were reported.

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