Rescue of fallen climber on Mount Elden


Coconino County Sheriff photo.

FLAGSTAFF — Coconino County Sheriff 911 dispatchers received a report yesterday at about 10:45 a.m. of a 38-year old woman who fell 25-feet while climbing on the Schultz Pass side of Mount Elden in the area of Oldham Falls.

According to the caller a 38 year-old woman who was climbing on a rock face was attempting to place an anchor in a crack in the shear rock face where she was climbing. She fell approximately 25 feet, jerked to a stop at the end of her secured safety line, and slammed with a great deal of force into the rock face.

Coconino County Sheriff’s Deputies, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Search Unit and the Flagstaff Fire Department responded to the call for service. When the first responders arrived, by standers had already freed the victim from her line and she was positioned on the ground.

Flagstaff firefighters provided on scene medical care and prepared the victim for transportation in medical litter. Eight Flagstaff firefighters and seven Search and Rescue volunteers took turns carrying the victim approximately three-quarter of a mile to a waiting Guardian Ground Medical Transport unit.

The victim was transported to the Flagstaff Medical Level 1 Trauma Unit where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries.