Arizona No. 47 State according to Thrillist

Updated 11:05
ppines15-06-24-18Don’t know exactly what a Thrillist is supposed to be, but for them the science is settled (even though they apparently did no research). Michigan is the number one State to live in—Detroit being a jewel in their crown.

Arizona comes in at 47, according to this web site. We beat out Florida, Deleware and Ohio.

Why do we rank so low? Because we don’t have any good Christmas trees. Despite the fact that Kaibab sells out of Christmas tree permits yearly, they write:

Though the unmitigated beauty of its canyons and deserts is well known, the Northern part of the state actually holds the largest number of ponderosa pine trees in in the world, a fact that would hold more sway in the ranking if they weren’t completely useless as Christmas trees.

Guess we will just have to settle with the inevitable traffic from tourists around the world clogging our traffic corridors and being the Number One Gun Friendly State of the Union two years running according to Guns and Ammo; According to their research. Guess we’ll have to keep all the beautiful hiking, camping and fishing to ourselves. Not to mention the longest contiguous stretch of Route 66 in the country, historic sites and so-on.

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Source: Detroit Free Press