Are you up for the PTSD Challenge?

Glen Davis

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a complication many veterans suffer with upon returning home. It used to be called “battle fatigue.” They find it difficult to sleep because of dreams or memories. They find it difficult to relax because they are used to constantly being on guard. Sharp loud noises which most civilians take for granted are grating on the nerves of these veterans.

22 veterans die each day by taking their own lives. The 22 Until None Facebook page documents the continuing victims of war each day.

While Ted Turner and VA representatives may find it fun to mock the 22 suicides daily, veterans of all eras take it very seriously. Our prayer for this Independence day is that we become independent of this suicide trend. That from here on out, our brothers and sisters seek the help they need. There are plenty of veterans out there that know what you are going through. Some of us do not. We are, however, willing to spend the time to listen to your story.

To raise awareness, Iron Apparel (Facebook) has issued a video challenge in hopes of raising $22,000 for the PTSD Foundation of America. The challenge is in the video below.

The T-shirts they speak of can be found at their website. I ordered mine today and with shipping it costs about $35. You may simply donate $22 directly to the PTSD foundation.

To help raise awareness more, however, I will do a video completing the challenge since my T probably will not arrive for two- to three-weeks. Watch for the video and I will throw down the gauntlet then.

Another healing resource used by a friend of mine is Honor House in Phoenix.

Whether you have served or not, you can help by contributing to these resources.

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