Northern Arizona Gazette editor takes the Iron Apparel challenge

WILLIAMS — Glen Davis, editor of Northern Arizona Gazette, learned of the Iron Apparel 22 post traumatic stress disorder video challenge in late June. As a Navy veteran, he decided to accept the challenge.

The original intent was to hike the two miles from Williams to Benham trail. There he would camp and conduct other challenges. The weather changed, however, and he had to get a ride home.

“I want to stress that I did not do it alone,” Glen said. “I hiked with my well-known companion Prince. I also had a friend check on my progress. Because I had planned to camp, I had another friend bring extra supplies and things I forgot. When the weather turned, my friend had to give me a ride home.”

He would have stayed, but he was camped among tall pines and was concerned about pending lightning. There was a recent death from a lighting strike in Flagstaff not too long ago.

Still, he did make the hike and the video follows:

Post Traumatic Stress disorder is a severe problem with returning veterans from the current conflicts. It is estimated that 22 Veterans take their lives each day. The video challenge by Iron Apparel is to bring awareness to the public about the problem and to raise money for the PTSD Foundation. The rules of the challenge are in this video:

“My message to veterans suffering from PTSD, depression or anything is you do not have to take your life. Just don’t do it. Your life matters to veterans and your families. There is too much help for you to take that route,” Glen said.

Glen also ordered the 22 PTSD t-shirt, but shipping is two to three weeks because of the demand. As we reported earlier, there are other sources of assistance.

There are other resources that people with PTSD may not have thought about. For example Run for the Wall is a ten-day motorcycle ride by Vietnam veterans who arrive at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall in Washington on Memorial Day. On the east coast, Rolling Thunder conducts a similar ride. The ride not only brings the plight of POWs to the attention of the public, but is also used as therapy for those suffering from PTSD.

If you are a motorcycle rider, or would like to be, you can contact these organizations. They might be able to link you up with a Vietnam veteran who has gone through what you are experiencing. They can help you train for the ride. The ride does take training because you ride several hundred miles a day. Since Vietnam veterans are passing away or getting too old to ride, you can even take up the gauntlet.

You can also obtain assistance from your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans or other veteran service organization.

Glen would like to challenge his friend and talented musician and artist, Gianluca Zanna. “Luca is a true Arizonan who puts out some great music,” Glen said. “He knows more about the Constitution than many Americans I know.”

He also challenges a few of his favorite actors. Texas Ranger Chuck Norris, for one, for the good work of 22 Until None. Kevin Sorbo of the Hercules series and the recent hit movie God’s Not Dead. His final challenge is Brisco County Junior, Bruce Campbell.

“Bruce Campbell has a great sense of humor. I just want to see the video,” Glen said.

If any Williams business or organization desires to accept the challenge, you can use our contact page if you need assistance or desire us to video it for you.