Unleashed pit bulls attack and kill small pet

Flagstaff Police Department photo.

Flagstaff Police Department photo.

FLAGSTAFF — At approximately 2:37 today, Flagstaff Police Department responded to a call of gunshots in the 4000 Block of Lake Mary. The caller described a subject shooting at dogs in the open field.

Upon arrival Officers located the subject who had discharged the firearm. Also located at the scene were four pit bull dogs who had been running loose, and an elderly man who was walking two smaller dogs on leashes. Officers discovered the four pit bulls had been running unrestrained in the area and had attacked the smaller dogs described as pugs.

The elderly man had been walking his two dogs in the open field just to the north of the Circle K when two of the pit bulls attacked his dogs.

The pit bulls were clustered together, but only two attacked the leashed animals. The man who did the shooting stated he was parked at the Circle K at Walapai and Lake Mary, and observed the confrontation between the animals.

He then left his truck and attempted to break up the dog fight with a large stick, and noticing this was not working went back to his truck and retrieved a firearm which he used to shoot the attacking two pit bulls. The two pit bulls sustained wounds and were transported to the vet by animal control and were later put down due to their injuries.

One of the elderly man’s dogs also died from the wounds from the attacking pit bull. The other dog on the leash was injured as well and taken to the vet. The elderly man also sustained injuries to his hand from trying to intervene.

The owners of the four pit bulls were identified and stated the dogs had been inside their apartment, although they had left the door unlatched and believed the dogs escaped. The two remaining pit bulls were located and safety restrained at their home.

This incident remains under investigation and we will work with the city attorney and or the county attorney’s office on any applicable charges.

The Flagstaff Police Department would like to remind the public to comply with the City of Flagstaff’s leash law. The Flagstaff Police Department recently issued a warning that it is increasing enforcement of leash laws.