Build-a-burger at Old Smokey’s

300-smokeys013WILLIAMS — Over the Independence weekend, some friends and I went to Old Smokey’s restaurant at 125 on historic Route 66 in Williams under the guise of a birthday party.

(Well, since it was my birthday and Lu Carle invited me. Thanks, Lu)

It was my chance to learn about the new Old Smokey’s from the inside. I have heard ravings about their morning fare of biscuits and gravy. What I was interested in is if 300-smokeys012they were part of the build-a-burger group. I found out that, yes, they are. I went in and built-a-burger myself.

Though I must confess, I didn’t build that. Actually, I ordered what I wanted and the cook actually built it.

The meal was great. I had the burger with jalapeno peppers 300-smokeys014cooked to perfection. The hamburger and came with more than enough fries to satisfy the average diner. TIP: Might want to ask for a few extra napkins.

Lu had the Ruben with fruit and Brenda had the mini-burgers with fries. I actually found myself eying the Ruben, one of my favorite sandwiches. Have to try it next chance I get.


They even brought me birthday cake.

Of course, the big test is the service. Not knowing what an extremely important person I was (to my Mom anyway), I was able to see how they would treat the average Joe off of the street. They were very pleasant. They continually asked if I needed a refill even though I brought my own drink with me. I noticed that they also went around and made sure other customers were attended to, so I knew my birthday disguise was working.

They even waited until my mouth was full before they asked if everything was all right just like every waitress I have ever encountered in the United States. (Do they have some secret school?)

As you can see, I had a little fun with this article. Seriously I have to say that Old Smokey’s is a great place to eat. The restaurant is clean, the staff is courteous, and the food is good. The prices are on par with other restaurants in Williams. Old Smokey’s is a great addition to the storefront of Williams.
A little history. Old Smokey’s was one of the favorite breakfast and lunch spots in Williams for years. The original Old Smokey’s was located along historic Route 66 across the street from Dairy Queen. In recent times, however, the old restaurant fell into disrepair and the owners moved to their current location. The Old Smokey’s logo in the window is an actual recreation of the original Old Smokey’s logo that was in the window of the original Old Smokey’s, albeit colorized.