Deer a plenty in Williams

Deer15-07-13-2640WILLIAMS — We are located in the high country where the deer and antelope play. Currently there are a lot of deer and elk foraging the forests around Williams and Flagstaff and all points in-between.

We remind visitors that the deer are very active around Country Club Road which is near the entrance/exit on the west end of town. They are also very active south on Perskinsville Road which leads past the Santa Fe dam. You need to keep an eye out on Highway 64 to the Grand Canyon, as well.

They are generally most active in the early morning, evening and night time hours and they can cross the road or freeway without warning. Please keep an eye on the sides of the roads and watch for them or you could have a very costly accident.

If you are camping, deer may seem tame enough to feed or pet. You might have even pet them at the Deer Farm Petting Zoo just east of Williams. In the wild, however, it is a different story. They can spook easily and attack without warning. Please watch your children while camping in the woods and do not let them explore alone.

You can generally get good photos from your vehicle or from a safe distance. Use your zoom.