Bowe Bergdahl gets leave cut short when found during a pot raid.

2014-8aug-07-bowe-in-uniform-ft-sam-nbcMendocino County, CALIFORNIA — Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army deserter who was traded for four terrorists, was “detained” in Mendocino County, California at a marijuana raid while on leave.

According to FOX news, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office took Bergdahl into custody during a raid in Redwood City by the county’s Marijuana Eradication team. The team found 180 mature marijuana plants growing at the house.

It was determined that Bergdahl was not part of the operation and was released to the U.S. Army North command where he is stationed. Sheriff officials said it is not unusual to release persons who might find themselves in a situation where they did not know the plants were growing.

Army spokesperson Cynthia O. Smith confirmed to FOX news that Bergdahl was returned to his duty station at Fort Sam Houston in Texas and has not been charged with any crime involving his time on leave.