Arizona Friends of NRA want to give you fifty guns

Updated July 31, 4:28 p.m.

300-GCFNRA-logoPHOENIX — The Arizona Friends of the NRA have announce a fifty gun (or fifty-fifty) raffle. Tickets are $50 each in a winner take all raffle for fifty guns. If a minimum of 600 tickets are not sold, the raffle will turn into a fifty-fifty split of the amount taken in by the raffle.

I mean, are you not going to sell 600 tickets for a possibility of fifty guns in the number 1 gun friendly State in the union two-years running?

But you don’t have to be in Arizona in order to win. Anyone eligible to own guns in their State can purchase tickets online. Again you would have to be eligible to own the same weapons that you can own in Arizona. Before entering, you should check with a local FFL in your area.

The winner, of course, must be eligible to own guns in accordance with State and national law. The winner may also opt for a $4,999.00 payout and may have to fill out a 1099 tax form. The winner is also responsible for all fees for the transfer of the weapons, such as the background check. If the winner is found ineligible to own firearms, they will be required to take the cash payout.

The drawing is to be held at Bear Arms in Scottsdale on October 25. Bear Arms is an FFL dealer working with the Friends of the NRA on this promotion. They are located at 10321 N. Scottsdale Road. Bear Arms is the largest family-owned firearms store in the Great State of Arizona. The hold CCW classes, have a good assortment of knives and even deal in Class III weapons.

You can contact Winston Pendleton for questions or to purchase tickets. Phone 602-565-8916 or you can purchase tickets online. Bear Arms can be reached at 480-998-2727.