Do You Believe? screening at Methodist Church

believeWILLIAMS — The United Methodist Church at 127 W Sherman Ave in Williams will host a screening of Do You Believe? this Friday.

The film stars Sean Astin who gained recognition for the inspirational 1993 movie Rudy based on he life of Notre Dame football player Daniel E. ‘Rudy’ Ruettiger. Most recently he stared in The Lord of the Rings movie series.

The movie also features Delroy Lindo who is one of those actors you instantly recognize, but probably do not remember the name. He started in the 1971 television series Police Surgeon and since has played in a host of roles such as in the movie Malcom X, a colonel in Broken Arrow (promoted to General in The Last Castle). He’s played cops and criminals and most recently had a recurring role as Sheriff Tip Harrison in the television series Blood and Oil. He’s even played a Supreme Court Justice on TV (Justice Clarence Thomas). Quite frankly he is one of those actors that deserve better roles.

The movie, from the creators of God’s Not Dead, is also currently in theaters.