Springs Fire travels south into Wild Horse Canyon

640-2015_08_17- — The Spring Fire—which has grown over 6,000 acres despite monsoon conditions—has spread into Wild Horse Canyon and is expected to burn itself out there. The Summit Mountain Trail (#68) continues to be closed until Sept. 30 or until Closure Order 07-15-01-F is rescinded. The trail was closed on July 30 due to the Springs Fire activity.

Yesterday fire personnel continued to monitor the Springs Fire after fire activity increased, due to drier conditions, following a week of monsoon weather. Crews reinforced Forest Road 746, a designated perimeter road, with burn out operations. Fire managers expect the lightning-caused wildfire to reach its pre-established southeastern boundary within the next several days.

Today they will continue to monitor and reinforce Forest Road 57A and Forest Road 746, as the fire activity moves slowly towards the south around Wild Horse Canyon. As the wildfire reaches these designated perimeter roads, it is expected to burn out on its own, as fire managers have been planning since the discovery of the naturally-ignited Springs Fire in early July.

Smoke impacts to both Wild Horse and Sycamore canyons and father south are possible as the Springs Fire continues to slowly back through the area.

The Parks and Bellemont communities may also notice smoke over the next several days, as the wildfire burns through the remaining portion of the planning area established for its natural spread. As the wildfire reaches pre-determined perimeter roads in the coming days, fire activity and smoke production are expected to decrease significantly.