Police in Allentown under fire after wrestling 61-year old to ground

Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA — The Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC) website is reporting on an alleged police brutality incident in Allentown, Pennsylvania against 61-year-0ld Jim Ochse. The incident apparently occurred on Thursday, August 13. Videos were posted a few days later.

Two videos were posted on YouTube which are going viral. The incident has brought out comments from both sides of the issue of police brutality. Supporters of police seem to contend that Ochse should have moved on when told while others wonder why it was necessary to put a 61-year-old on the ground.

A group called Lehigh Valley Copblock shared the video with the claim:

Allentown has been under heavy fire in recent months. The city has become so corrupt that the F.B.I. has even stepped in to investigate. As if things for the city are not bad enough with lawsuits and investigations, within the last week two videos have surfaced showing police brutality and illegal tactics.

The Allentown Morning Call reported that the incident was still under investigation. Mr. Ochse has apparently hired a civil rights attorney.