Political activist Williams Lewis passes away

William-Lewis-1Political film maker Williams Lewis passed away on August 29 at about 1 a.m. at the age of 47. No official word on the cause of death has been announced. It is believed that he suffered from diabetes and may have had a stroke. He is survived by his wife Debbie Morgan Lewis and children.

According to the LiveLeak web site:

According to Williams wishes he wanted very little fanfare to be made in his passing, so Debbie will be having a small private family memorial and funeral later this week to honor the life & times of William Lewis, beloved husband and father.

Lewis was also a musician beginning his career in Shreveport, Louisiana working with legendary music producer Stan Lewis of Jewel Records. Working with Stan, Lewis designed cover art for over 300 music artists such as Nat Stuckey, B B King, Ike and Tina Turner, and Jerry Beach.

As a music writer and producer in the 1990’s, he worked along side Anne Stuckey, wife of the late country singer Nat Stuckey and actor John Fertitta (actor: Mississippi Burning, Blaze, Delta Heat). He also developed a state-of-the-art digital video production facility.

In 2001 Lewis started producing the American Freedom News which grew to an international program covering issues concerning the intrusive nature of global governance. In 2003 he created William Lewis Films which produced documentaries exposing government intrusions on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and some secret government projects. He produced films such as Beyond Treason, One Nation Under Siege, Enemy of the State and Don’t Tread On Me.

Arizona patriotic musician Gianluca Zanna expressed condolences on his Facebook page saying:

I had the honor to work with William Lewis, who used one of my songs Don’t Tread on US for his documentary “Don’t tread on me”
He is survived by a wonderful wife, Debbie Morgan Lewis. In the last few years William was unable to continue work in film because of his illness.
My prayers for his soul and his family.

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