Drone Munition developer on air with Gianluca Zanna

IMG_3317-300x169KINGMAN — American patriot radio host Gianluca Zanna discussed Drone Munition with Casey Betzold, president of Snake River Shooting Products in Emmett, Idaho. Drone Munition has made the round of the news, lately, but Casey and Gianluca stressed complying with federal and State laws and regulations.

Both assured listeners that they are not anti-drone. Casey said they use drones to get video on the range that would otherwise be hazardous. Luca said that he uses his drone to take video of his own property and animals.

The shotgun round was developed for a sporting application initially. It was designed to use on a range where aerial drone targets are specifically used as targets to be shot down. Casey said that they concentrated on making a law enforcement quality shell that has a very tight pattern and spent a lot of money on the steel shot that goes into the shell.

Casey noted that because of his Air Force background, he was concerned with the security, but currently there are no regulations preventing invasion of privacy by drones. In addition all States have regulations against discharging firearms within a neighborhood.

“We think the regulations are coming for drones, with regards to privacy concerns. The same as if a peeping Tom walked up into your yard and looked into your window at night; that’s against the law. But right now, if a drone does the same thing, it’s not against the law,” Casey said.

He indicated that he is glad that the news and controversy over the shotgun ammunition is generating a conversation about the issue. While it is illegal, currently, to shoot down a drone even in wilderness areas, he said that self-defense may be applicable.

“Now if the drone is causing a self-defense concern, then there is a legal application to this; to defend yourself the same as if a person is threatening you.”

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