Person arrested in NAU shooting

Steven Jones - Flagstaff Police Photo

Steven Jones – Flagstaff Police Photo

FLAGSTAFF — Steven Jones was arrested for the shooting death of a student at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. According to news reports, three other students were injured.

According to the KNAU website, the students shot were members of the Delta Chi fatenity, but 18-year-old Jones was not.

Colin Brough was killed in the shooting and Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientk and Nicoholas Piring were injured. Their site also references, “An Instragram account believed to be that of the NAU campus shooting suspect shows him posing with various firearms.”

Steven Jones made an intial court appearance for one count of first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault this afternoon.

The cause of the shooting is still under investigation. Jones claimed that he retrieved the gun from his vehicle because he was being chased after a fist-fight and warned that he was armed.

Flagstaff Voices noted that Flagstaff council member Eva Putzova was quick to politicize the shooting. She is an outspoken advocate of revoking the Second Amendment in Flagstaff.

Council member Coral Evans also took to Facebook questioning how it was possible for an 18-year-old freshman to have a gun on campus.

NAU policy does not allow firearms in the buildings, but they may be locked up in vehicles.