Possible thunderstorms for Run for the Wall

run-for-the-wallroute01WILLIAMS — On Wednesday, the motorcycle rally, Run For the Wall begins their travel to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington to arrive on Memorial Day. Their traditional first overnight stop is Williams and Flagstaff. We have greeted them with sun and snow. This year it appears that we will greet them with thunderstorms.

Run For the Wall started out in 1989 as a small group of motorcycle riders led by James Gregory and Bill Evans. Since then they have grown to hundreds of motorcycle riders who travel each year to promote healing among Vietnam veterans and call for a full accounting of those missing in action.

Sadly, however, many of the veterans can are passing or getting too old to make the trip. There are others—family members, new veterans and even active military—who are picking up the gauntlet and keeping the movement alive.

The valiant riders do not seem deterred by any weather northern Arizona can throw at them. In 2011 they rode into a snow storm. They even have a patch commemorating the event. They group sets up a trailer to sell souvenirs each year, so people can support the mission by purchasing patches, shirts, hats and other memorabilia of the event. The trailer is set up at the American Legion Cordova Post #13 at 425 Grant Avenue in Williams.

NOAA predicts thunderstorms tomorrow through Wednesday night. There is a slight chance Thursday clearing Thursday night. We can expect clear, though breezy, weather through the weekend.