Bearizona jaguar gives blood to jaguar at Reid Park Zoo

Click on image to view video of Bagheera swimming.

WILLIAMS — This time of year is all about giving, and what better Christmas gift than to help a friend in need. Bearizona Wildlife Park’s resident jaguar Bagheera was able to give a blood transfusion to a Jaguar in dire need from the Reid Park Zoo.

Jaguars are a near threatened species and numbers are rapidly declining in their wild habitats which include the southern regions of the United States, Mexico and Central and South America. The last known wild Jaguars living in the United States were actually last seen in the Tucson Arizona, with the most recent sighting just last week.

Bearizona’s Owner stated “we received a call last week from Reid Park Zoo stating they had a Jaguar who was in need of help. We of course wanted to help, and after some discussions with our veterinary team we decided it was a great opportunity to help out a jaguar in need.

Bearizona’s male jaguar Bagheera is one of the most beloved critters to call Bearizona home and now he can add life saver to his list. They say a cat has nine lives and it looks like that very well may be the case for Reid Park Zoo’s jaguar Nakita, after the successful blood transfusion.

Casey also stated that “We are happy we were able to help and wish Nikita a speedy recovery.”

Bagheera can be seen frolicking in his home at Bearizona, an 11,000 square foot exhibit complete with a 30 foot waterfall.