Experiencing technical difficulties

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the web site. Some stories may get re-posted or duplicated while we are conducting repairs. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We are experiencing technical difficulties

technical_difficulties_please_stand_byWe are experiencing technical difficulties with our web site and email. We believe we have tracked down the problem and may have the problem corrected in a few days. If we do not respond to your email, it is not because we don’t love you. Although that may be true in some cases.

Our Facebook page is unaffected.

The Gazette going through changes

We originally tried to use b2Evolution for our format which has some nice features. We could set up a blog for various cities around northern Arizona. There were technical problems, however, which makes WordPress easier to use. Therefore, we have moved to that program for this blog.

We can set up blogs for individual cities located in the north-land and may do so in the future. That will depend on a number of factors, such as writing staff, interest and so-forth.

We hope you will enjoy the new format.