Bald Eagle spotted over Santa Fe Dam

Northern Arizona Gazette photo.

We went to check out Santa Fe dam, today, which is not suffering from the recent snow. It appears to have risen slightly as the snow melts off. There is a slight chance of rain today with a 40% chance of snow Friday and Saturday.

While there I was surprise by the flight of a familiar, but rare, sight around Santa Fe dam. A bald eagle flew before me. I did not have my good camera, but managed to get some fair shots with my cheap mobile phone.

Eagles tend to stop at Santa Fe dam, once in a while, to catch any fish that might remain from the fishing season.

The eagles are back.

By Glen Davis

You are probably wondering why you should visit Williams. Most people think of Williams as synonymous with the Grand Canyon or the Train. If you’ve been here before, you may think of the Bearizona wildlife drive through park and the High Country Raptors show they provide.

Insiders know about a raptor show you may not know about, however. The one in the skies over Williams.

Eagle over Williams in October 2012

Eagle over Williams in October 2012

Last fall I shot these images of an eagle over the Santa Fe dam reservoir. That was a pretty exciting experience getting one so close. I was on my way to the reservoir to walk my dog and saw the eagle swoop down over the lake. I rushed to the scene, but did was not able to capture the fishing expedition the eagle was engaged in. The eagle continued to soar over the lake and I managed to capture a few more pictures.

I walked that way for several weeks after, but to no avail. The eagle never returned. Maybe it was something I said. Then, of course, winter set in.
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