John Moore Mayor once more.

WILLIAMS — John Moore managed to squeeze out the 29 write-in votes with his 312 to win his re-election bid in the election yesterday.

The results for council members are:

  1. Frank McNelly 247
  2. Jim Wurgler 234
  3. Dawn Trapp 179
  4. George Otero 168
  5. Craig Fritsinger 165
  6. Jim Karlsberger 150

Statewide and District 1 election results will be evaluated later. These are unofficial results.

Primary results for Congressional District 1 still in question.

Arizona-electsCOCONINO/YAVAPAI – The race for the Republican nomination for Congressional District 1 is still in question. This is the only race which remains undecided in the primaries. The office of the Secretary of State reports that 2,508 ballots remain to be counted in the counties of Coconino and Yavapai.

The race between Andy Tobin and Gary Kiehne has narrowed four votes with only 366 separating the two candidates. The latest news is that the outstanding votes in Yavapai county have dropped to 619 yet to be counted down from 2,401 as of yesterday. Currently 815 votes separate the two candidates in Yavapai county so Tobin will take Yavapai event after all the remaining votes are counted.

In Coconino County 1,889 ballots remain to be counted. The spread between the two candidates in the county is 980 votes. Because the county recorder will not count ballots over the weekend, we will have to wait until Monday before we get the final results. These votes could change the course of the primary election for Congressional District 1. The name recognition that Tobin enjoys could give him the edge in the vote count, however.

It is apparent that the fat lady hasn’t sung in Congressional District 1.

The real race in Williams

jop-raceArizona-electsWILLIAMS – The race for Justice of the Peace in Williams is the real local race to watch. The outcome not only effects Williams, but Valle and Tusayan, as well. The Justice of the Peace is also under contract as magistrate for the City of Williams. This has been the only contentious race in the City of Williams.

Jeff Brownlee is vying for the office of Justice of the Peace from incumbent Robert Krombeen. The winner of this race will be on the ballot in November. The only opposition they are likely to face is if another contender, or the candidate failing in this primary, faces a write-in candidate.

Anyone may file as a write-in candidate to be on the ballot for any County Office they qualify for. Candidates must file by September 25th by 5 pm. Write-in candidates must also file financial reports and disclosures and whatever other paperwork is required by any other candidate.

Electors may ONLY vote for write-in candidates who have filed the proper paperwork and whose name appears on the write-in candidates list provided at all of the polling places. If an elector writes in the name of a fictitious or real person as a “protest” vote, that vote will not be counted.

A person desiring to run as a write-in for a state or national office in the General Election in November must file through the office of the Secretary of State.

Chester Crandell still on the ballot

Arizona-electsPHOENIX – With the recent fatal accident of Senator Chester Crandell, many have wondered what comes next. There is a system that was put in place following the death of Senator Jose Garcia in 2011 outlined in 16-343(F). Secretary of State Ken Bennett held a press conference and sent a letter to the election officials of Coconino, Gila, Navajo and Yavapai counties addressing the proper course of action.

Kim Crawford of the office of the Secretary of State explained that early ballots have already been issued and other ballots will appear with Senator Chester Crandell as candidate. Therefore, he will automatically win the primary election. He is in the unique category of running unopposed, even by a write-in candidate.

Because of his automatic selection, Republican Committee persons from Legislative District 6 will vote on a person to fill the void left by the late Senator.

No write-in candidates are allowed during this process. However write-in candidates are allowed in the general election provided their application is received by September 25.

There has been an outpouring of sympathy and condolences to the family of the Senator. Governor Jan Brewer issued the following statement:

“I am deeply saddened today to learn of the tragic and sudden passing of State Senator Chester Crandell. A fifth-generation native of Arizona, avid rancher, legislator and–above all – a gentleman with a tangible love for Arizona and those he served, Chester will be greatly missed.

“My thoughts and prayers – along with those of the entire state – are with Chester’s dear wife, Alice, and their family during this difficult time. In honor of Senator Crandell – and the service he gave to Arizona – I have ordered that flags be lowered to half-staff from sunrise tomorrow, August 5, 2014 until sunset August 11, 2014.”

Bill Roe, Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, released a statement saying:

“We are saddened to hear of the passing of Senator Chester Crandell. Our deepest condolences and sympathy go out to his entire family for their tragic loss.”

Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell issued a statement saying:

“I am shocked and saddened by the news of Sen. Crandell’s passing. We didn’t always see eye to eye on things, but I have absolutely no doubt that Sen. Crandell worked on the issues he did because he believed they would improve Arizona. He served his constituents with honor and class. This is a great loss for our state and I offer my condolences to his family and his friends.”

All statements were issued on Monday following the announcement of the passing of the State Senator.

State Representative Brenda Barton, also an LD6 candidate, posted on her Facebook page August 4:

My friend and colleague passed away today doing what he loved; boots on in the saddle pushing cattle. I know the range he rides tonight, and I know he’s watching; but I miss him terribly.

(Updated August 8, 8:47)

Brenda Barton to hold town hall meetings in Williams and Flagstaff

BARTONArizona State Representative Brenda Barton and crew will be holding town hall meetings in Williams and Flagstaff today and tomorrow. They will be in Williams at the City Hall on First Street from 11:30 to 1:30 pm today and in Flagstaff at 4:30 tomorrow at the Fourth Street Professional Building, 2501 N. 4th Street.

From there, they will continue to Sedona and the Arizona Cottonwood Chamber, ending at her home in Payson, Arizona

Libertarian Candidate Thwarts 2nd Republican Attempt To Bump Him From The Ballot.

Photo Hess for Governor Web Site

Photo Hess for Governor Web Site

PRESS RELEASE – Arizona’s Republican leadership just got another black-eye, in their relentless attempts to keep Libertarian candidate for Governor, Barry Hess, off of the ballot. In a series of shady middle-of-the-night dealings last year, Republican leaders pushed HB 2305 to the Governor’s desk with exclusively Republican support; to make it almost impossible for Libertarian candidates to get on the ballot. In many instances, HB2305 required Libertarian candidates to gather more signatures for their nomination than there were members of the Libertarian party.

In September of last year, Hess led the largest and most diverse coalition in Arizona history to send HB2305 to the ballot, instead–by Citizen’s Referendum. It was the first successful such effort in almost 30 years, with almost as many attempts.

Republicans were set back on their heels and scrambled to repeal their own legislation in an effort to hide the issue from the Voters in November.

Last week, the GOP funded a challenge to 37 of Hess’s nominating signatures which would have left him 5 short of the required number needed to appear on the ballot to represent the Libertarian Party. Hess’ legal teams immediately found no less than 12 of the disputed signatures were in fact valid, and today, the County Recorders weighed in to verify 20 of the disputed signatures as valid. The suit was dismissed.

Hess commented, “We were never concerned about the numbers not being there, but now we’re concerned about the obvious frivolousness of the challenge, and the potential of fraud on the Court having been committed by only identifying the ‘throw away’ member of their club who agreed to be the Plaintiff; and not the real party behind the scheme.

It seems the goal is to shield GOP candidates from having to actually address the issues, and defend their positions on the campaign trail. Maybe the problem is my polling ahead of most of their candidates; whatever the case they must have wanted me off the ballot pretty badly to put up big money for a frivolous suit. What surprises me the most is that Snell & Wilmer would lend their credibility to these grade-school attempts to avoid having to compete for elected office.

Democrats release attack against veteran of Iraq running for Congress


Photo – Home of Heroes web site.

NEW YORK – Democrats—who have probably never served in the military—fired off an attack at Major Lee Zeldin who is seeking a seat in the House of Representatives in the State of New York. The attack seems to highlight the fact that he could actually unseat six-term Democrat Congressman Tim Bishop.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a press release on May 14 complaining That Zeldin will not answer questions over how he would vote on the Paul Ryan budget or the extension of unemployment benefits.

Over a month after his House Republicans passed Paul Ryan’s reckless budget, Congressional Candidate Lee Zeldin is still too scared to admit how he would vote for the plan, even though he wants Long Islanders to send him to Congress. Even though every member of Congress had no choice but to vote yes or no weeks ago, what’s taking him so long to decide? There’s only one answer: Zeldin is either woefully uninformed, willfully ignorant or a coward.

The press release went on to state:

To help Zeldin find the courage to take a position on the Ryan Budget and other critical issues impacting Long Island, the DCCC is sending him the same Badge of Courage the Wizard of Oz gave to the Cowardly Lion.

Zeldin responded to the attack on FOX News stating, “You have some liberal Democrat hack who’s hiding behind his Twitter account, stuffing his face with Cheez Doodles, sending out press releases on D triple-C letterhead—shameful attacks—and the fact is Nancy Pelosi, Steve Israel, Tim Bishop, they’ve never served a day.

“And I think when I was sitting at the door on that Blackhawk and the Jump Master hits the back of your head and you do what’s so unnatural, jumping out with your parachute; here you are fast-forward to today, and you have, you know, these Democratic hacks out of Washington who want to change the subject and fling insults saying I’m a coward. It just doesn’t fit.”

According to a New York Times opinion by retired Lieutenant General Karl W. Eikenberry, since obligatory service has not been used since Vietnam, the percentage of the American population serving in the military has dropped to less than 0.5% since WWII.

Less than 0.5 percent of the population serves in the armed forces, compared with more than 12 percent during World War II. Even fewer of the privileged and powerful shoulder arms. In 1975, 70 percent of members of Congress had some military service; today, just 20 percent do, and only a handful of their children are in uniform.

Democrats have, in the past, complained that the military is the only job opportunity for the poor segment of society putting the burden of protecting the country on them. Their main focus to change that is to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

In testimony before the Senate, Congressional Budget Officer Douglas W. Elmendorf stated:

Increasing the minimum wage would have two principal effects on low-wage workers. Most of them would receive higher pay that would increase their family’s income, and some of those families would see their income rise above the federal poverty threshold. But some jobs for low-wage workers would probably be eliminated, the income of most workers who became jobless would fall substantially, and the share of low-wage workers who were employed would probably fall slightly.

It is unclear how many workers would be raised into a higher tax-bracket eliminating any benefit from an increase in the minimum wage.

Lee Zeldin is a New York State Senator who was a member of the 82nd Airborne paratroopers. He also served for a time with the Military Intelligence Corps at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Zeldin seeks the Congressional seat for the district in New York covering Long Island which could unseat six-term Congressman Tim Bishop.

17-Yr-Old Girl Who Wants to Actually Represent the People Just Unseated a Politician in W. Virginia

Saira Blair may become the youngest legislator in West Virginia history.

Saira Blair may become the youngest legislator in West Virginia history.

Saira Blair, who just unseated an incumbent West Virginia state legislator, isn’t thinking about her plans for the summer. She’s thinking about how to defeat Democrat Layne Diehl come November. Because if Saira wins, it will make her the youngest legislator in West Virginia’s history- she’s just 17 years old.

Blair narrowly edged-out the incumbent, Republican state Delegate Larry Klump, by 144 votes. She campaigned on a straightforward platform:

  • Pro-life
  • Pro-gun
  • Pro-family
  • Pro-business
  • Pro-jobs

Blair even gave out her cell phone number to any potential constituents who might want to ask her questions. In addition, Blair has pledged to run only a positive campaign.

Read more at IJ Review

Mayor Moore seeks third term

UPDATED: May 8, 11:35
Moore-20140507-02WILLIAMS – Mayor John Moore of Williams is gathering signatures for a third term as mayor of the historic route 66 town.

“I felt there were issues, such as the water issue, that required continuity in leadership,” Mayor Moore said.

Mayor Moore, with the cooperation of the City Council, has overseen many improvements in the community. They worked together with Sean Casey to bring the drive-through wildlife park Bearizona to the community.

Mayor Moore is veteran friendly welcoming the motorcycle riders of Run for the Wall to Williams every year. During his watch, Williams completed the Williams Own memorial dedicated to all veterans at Williams Memorial park on the west end of town across from Safeway.

Justice of the Peace Robert Krombeen has also gathered signatures for re-election to that office. Although a county position, Judge Krombeen has a contract with the City of Williams to act as City Magistrate. He has instituted some cost-saving measures in the staff at the Williams Justice Center and installed a kiosk where people can access legal information.

There is currently no information on any other candidates.

To vote in the primary election on August 26, you must be registered by July 31. For the November 4 mid-term elections, you must be registered by October 6.


Candidate Filing Opens For Aug. 26 Primary Election

FLAGSTAFF – The 2014 election season has begun with 10 county elected offices up for grabs within Coconino County. Those offices include:

•Clerk to the Superior Court
•Constable – Flagstaff
•Superintendent of Schools (two-year term)
•Justice of the Peace – Flagstaff, Fredonia, Page and Williams
•Superior Court Judge- Divisions I, II and IV

The candidate filing period is now open. The deadline to file nomination petitions and paperwork to be a candidate is 5 p.m. May 28.

Declared partisan candidates will be listed on the August 26 Primary Election ballot. Primary winners and those running unopposed will then have their names placed on the November 4 General Election ballot.

Candidates running as an Arizona Revised Statute 16-341 candidate (nominated other than by primary) will only appear on the November 4 General Election ballot.

Non-partisan offices, such as school district governing boards, fire, water, sanitary and other special district board member seats will only appear on the November 4 ballot. These candidates have a different filing period.

For information about running for a seat on a school or community college governing board, contact the County Superintendent of Schools Office at 928-679-8070.

Those interested in becoming a candidate for an elected office within the County should visit the Coconino County Elections Office at 110 East Cherry Avenue in Flagstaff or call 928-679-7860 or 800-793-6181. Information is also available online at Click on “2014 Candidate Filing Information.”