Easter Eggstravaganza in Williams.

WILLIAMS—The Williams Recreation was crowded Saturday as kids and adults waited for the Easter bunny.

Guy of the Williams Emergency Food Bank and Rose of the Williams Recreation Department took extra precautions to prevent problems which plagued other cities. Macon, Georgia cancelled their hunt because of past violence caused by parents trying to collect eggs for themselves and their kids.

For the past few years, Williams organizers have maintained an orderly Easter egg hunt.

Only one incident in recent memory occurred when the Cataract Creek gang attempted to rob the Easter bunny and were booed out of the area by the kids.

E. Bunny greets a few kids arriving at the Eggstravaganza

Apparently, one of the eggs hatched.

Crowd watches as E. Bunny arrives. There are kids there somewhere.

Easter bunny welcomes 1 to 3 year olds.