President Obama finally admits he wants more gun control

Playing on the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado and the general misconception of the Second Amendment taught in public school, President Obama finally admitted that he wants to take guns away from citizens. England used the protection of hunting rights argument to disarm their people and have recently started confiscating hunting weapons, as well. According to Federalist Paper No. 29, the Second Amendment allows citizens to own any weapon or equipment in the arsenal of the United States Armed Forces. The idea of the militia—not the National Guard—was to protect the natural rights of American citizens.

It is interesting that he speaks for gun owners saying that they agree that AK-47’s belong on the battlefield. These are among the weapons that this administration sold to the Mexican drug cartels which killed an Arizona citizen, Brian Terry. In addition, Obama and McCain declared the United States a “battlefield” by signing the National Defense Authorization Act with indefinite detention articles contained in it.