Williams Justice Court Kiosk

The Williams Justice Court Kiosk is a nice idea. It is an Internet station that compiles different court information into one convenient location. Justice Krombeen calls it an ATM for judicial information. It takes the information right off of the web. Unfortunately it also has its own operating system with its own web blocking software which blocks certain features you might want to enter or erroneously tells you that it blocked certain pages. It is an annoyance but you can work around it in most cases.

If you have Internet access, however, here are the links that the system provides. Please note, also, that with some of the links, the information might be out of date. For example, the city codes that are listed may not have been updated to the recent codes. We recommend that you look for the information you seek, write down the title or code number. Take that to the appropriate office that stores that legal information and ask them to give you the latest code.

I have added some links that I find interesting, as well.

Arizona Court System

Coconino County

County Courts
Williams Justice Court Payments
Justice EZ Trac

City of Williams Arizona

City Code
City of Williams Meetings and Commissions

City of Flagstaff Arizona

City Council
City Council Agenda