Arizona election results

UPDATED: 11/7 2:40

There are still precincts to report, but the election results in Arizona appear to be as follows.

Phoenix television is indicating that there may be up to 400,000 provisional ballots which have to be counted separately which may change some of the results.


Republican Jeff Flake is elected to take the vacated seat of John Kyl over Democrat Richard Carmona. Flake received 808,775 to 725,292 votes for Carmona.

Of the two heated races for Representative, Kirkpatrick has defeated Jonathan Paton in CD-1 100,286 votes to 93,582 votes with Libertarian Kim Allen taking a little over 12,000 votes. In Congressional District 9, Vernon Parker lost to Kyrsten Sinema by a margin of 2101 votes. The Libertarian Powell Gammill received 10,293 votes.

Overall the Democrats have taken a lead in the Senate with the Republicans holding the House.


On the State level, Chester Crandell has won re-election over challenger Thom Chabin as State Senator for District 6. The Republican incumbent won 37,978 votes to 32,260. In District 7 only Democrat Jack C. Jackson was running challenged by only 1.11% write-in votes.

For Representative of District 6 Republicans Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe have defeated their Democrat rivals Angela Lefevre and Doug Ballard. District 7 was represented in the election only by two Democrats Albert Hale and Jamescita Peshlakai.

Republicans Bob Stump, Robert Burns and Paul Newman have been seated on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Justice John Pelander will remain as a justice on the Arizona Supreme Court.


The only challenged races in the Board of Supervisors was for District 1 and 3 in which Art Babbott defeated Gail Dent and Matt Ryan defeated Jack Darum.

In the two recall elections, Linda Hammer lost to James Denham and Gayle Spackman lost to Alma Seward.

Republican Gary Robbins lost his bid for Division 5 Judge of Superior Court to Cathleen Nichols.

FUSD Question 1 is a yes.
Williams USD Question is a yes.
Page USD Question 1 is a no.
Sedona-Oak Creek JUSD Question 1 is a no.
Pinewood Sanitary District Question wins.
Question 405 is for the bonds as is Question 406.

State Propositions

The propositions are currently running as follows as of 8 a.m. with only a few precincts left to report. Not too surprisingly the State sales tax increase failed with a full representation of voters over when it was passed three years ago when only about 22% of voters passed it. The Open Initiative failed which is somewhat surprising. And proposition 114 protecting gun owners from lawsuits by criminals passed overwhelmingly.

114 which protects gun owners from lawsuits by criminals
Yes 1,191,671
No 300,135

115 to change the way judges are nominated
Yes 391,718
No 1,044,414

116 changes property tax to help struggling businesses
Yes 607,142
No 788,806

117 changing property tax
Yes 819,943
No 617,709

118 changing the formula used for annual State land distribution
Yes 674,026
No 680,361

119 Military land exchanges
Yes 856,988
No 530,122

120 State sovereignty referendum
Yes 451,242
No 938,695

121 No choice open elections
Yes 471,906
No 966,069

204 State sales tax increase
Yes 532,728
No 986,376