Mom’s store opens, appropriately, in time for Mother’s Day

Treats and Treasures - 309 West Route 66

Treats and Treasures – 309 West Route 66

WILLIAMS—Glenn and Linda have been working for several months to open Treats n Treasures at 309 W Route 66 next to the Sultana Theater. They are the friendly managers for the store owned by their mother. Although they have not received all of their stock, they managed to open, appropriately, just before Mother’s Day.

Treats N Treasures carries a varied assortment of candies from the new to the kind that your grandfather used to buy. An interesting item is a cup with a mix of candies from the 60s, 70s or 80s. Something that you usually do not find in a candy store is a variety of fresh fruit for the health crowd. Also in stock is a variety of gourmet popcorn with flavors such as peanut butter cup, white truffle Parmesan and cookies and cream. Beef and pork jerky is also available.

130512-04-TreasuresIn addition they have gourmet ice cream with your choice of waffle, sugar or old fashioned cone. For the morning crowd, they have coffee and gourmet pastries.

The store carries a wide variety of sodas with cane sugar instead of the more dangerous high fructose corn syrup. The selection includes a variety of flavors and brands. It would probably not be too hard to guess where Capone comes from. They also have a brand called Moxie which was sold in the early 1800’s originally as an elixir to cure all ills.

They carry souvenirs, like many of the stores. Their selection is a little bit different from the normal Route 66 fare available at other souvenir shops. The shop carries a limited selection of collectible coins and paper money such as a colorized Grand Canyon park two dollar bill and silver Arizona coin.

Their differing variety of stock should make this store a welcome addition to the Route 66 business community.