Get out of Williams! Bill Williams lookout


Watch your step in the forest! Some cacti are in bloom and make great photos.

Watch your step in the forest! Some cacti are in bloom and make great photos.

WILLIAMS — With the gun street show, Route 66 Market and other weekend events, everyone knows that there is much to do in Williams during the summer season. This weekend is the Cowpuncher Rodeo, for example, and Wild West Weekend.

Williams is also known for their outdoor activities. Recently Forest Service Road 111 which leads to Bill Williams lookout has been opened. A popular activity is to drive the road to the top of Bill Williams Mountain—the highest point in Williams. Right now the oaks and aspens are green. During the fall, however, the view is spectacular. So do not count Williams out during that season.

300-FR111-15-06-14-04Not only is there camping in the area, but it is a great place to set up for a family picnic. However, you should be aware that everyone with a dog takes them out into these areas. If your dog is not exactly friendly, you need to make sure that they are tethered.

The other thing to remember—and this is very important—fire danger still exists all year around. Lately the high winds have subsided. If there are high winds, however, you should use a camp stove. If you choose a campfire, make sure you take plenty of water to extinguish it COMPLETELY. Make sure it is cold before you leave. If an accidental fire should start, call 911 IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait and try to put it out.

You will, of course, want to return to Williams after your day in the woods to check out one of the days of the Cowpuncher rodeo. Real cowboys doing the job they do daily. The great restaurants in Williams have your evening meal ready.