New Windows scam emerging

phoneA friend of mine on Facebook reports that he received a call from an 800 number from someone purporting to be from “Windows Security.” The person asked if he could go to his computer and type in what the person instructed.

Sadly, my friend could not. He owns a MAC.

With the problems associated with Windows 10, people might be lead to believe this is the real deal. IT IS NOT.

Microsoft will not call you to do anything over the phone. They charge you to call tech support. Why would they give up a cash cow for free? They will continue to force the security updates down your throat through their update mechanism. Since you also agree to allow Microsoft to store your emails anytime they want, they will even check your spelling.

Scams are getting more sophisticated and there are those who will prey on your lack of computer knowledge and scares over viruses and updates. Do not fall prey to any scams. If you are not sure, hang up and call a friend who is more knowledgeable. These people are simply trying to get you to set up a remote link—so convenient with Windows—to steal your personal information.

If your remote access feature is not turned off, you need to do it. Have a person with knowledge do it for you if you do not know how. It is different in each version of Windows.

I just refuse to answer any calls that are not in my book or not identified by caller ID. Some of the scammers will actually leave a message on your phone. There are no “free” trips to Jamaica. If you want to travel, consult a reliable travel agent.