AZGFD adjusts trout stockings in some high country fishing holes

PHOENIX – The Arizona Game and Fish Department will be adjusting trout stockings in some high country lakes to enhance opportunities for fishing adventures and to protect wild trout populations and important trout fishing resources.

AZGFD is adjusting some trout stockings due to a few of Arizona’s state and federal fish hatcheries having tested positive for Bacteria Kidney Disease. The Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) pathogen is specific to trout and salmon, and in some cases can be lethal to trout and salmon. BKD does not affect humans.

Although it can be easily passed from one trout to another, the pathogen can lie dormant and not cause any sickness. BKD-positive trout are still edible and good quality. The Department always recommends anglers cook all fish to the proper temperature to ensure safe consumption.

Due to the BKD-positive findings, the AZGFD this year will not be stocking trout into waters where the pathogen could be transmitted to wild trout populations, or into stocked trout-dependent fisheries.

What does this mean for anglers?

The biggest impact will be at Sheeps Crossing on the West Fork of the Little Colorado River, which will not be stocked with Apache trout and will not get any hatchery-stocked trout this year.

As the AZGFD protects long-term trout fishing opportunities in Arizona, trout fishing opportunities throughout the summer will remain abundant. In fact, waters such as the East Fork of the Black River, the Little Colorado River in Greer, and Silver Creek, will be supplemented with rainbow trout to ensure level numbers of stocked trout.

Great opportunities for anglers remain at: