Governor’s Regulatory Review Council Allows Obsolete Rules to Expire

Effective September 15, 2016, the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council allowed six Waste Program rules and one Air Quality rule ADEQ identified as obsolete to expire per ARS § 41-1056(J). The list of expired rules follows:

  • R18-2-306.02 (Establishment of an Emissions Cap)
  • R18-8-201 (Hazardous Waste Fees for Fiscal Year 2011)
  • R18-12-802 (Transition)
  • R18-13-902 (Regional Boundaries)
  • R18-13-2701 (Special Waste Management Fees for Fiscal Year 2011)
  • R18-13-2702 (Increased Landfill Registration Fees for Fiscal Year 2011)
  • R18-13-2703 (Solid Waste Facility Plan Review Fees for Fiscal Year 2011)

A notice about the expiration of these rules will appear in the Arizona Administrative Register.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Mark Lewandowski
Waste Programs Division
P: 602-771-2230