Bearizona Backyard BBQ July 26th


backwoods-bbqBearizona will hold its Backwoods Barbeque July 26th from 12 pm to 9 pm at the Fort Bearizona Walk-Thru Area. The drive-thru portion of the park will only be open through 7 pm, so make sure you come early if you wanted to include this in your visit.

Annual Pass Holders get in free, but must pay for food, beverages and bounce houses. Pass holders must also RSVP for event by emailing with the number attending.

Online Pre-Sale Tickets

$8+tax (Ages 4-12)
$18+tax (Ages 13 and Up)

Tickets at the Gate

$10+tax (Ages 4-12)
$20+tax (Ages 13 and Up)

Events include:

  • Live Country Music throughout the day, headlined by Marble Heart at 5 pm
  • View Bearizona’s Walk-Thru Animals-Including Adorable Bear Cubs
  • Jump ’til Your Hearts Content on our Bounce Houses $3.00 for all day bracelet
  • Get Hands-On with Gators and Snakes who make a special appearance during this event only 3 pm 8 pm. Other Critters will be out throughout the day for an up-close encounter.
  • Yummy BBQ, Grand Canyon Brewery, Historic Brewing Company and Grand Canyon Winery Selections Available for Purchase

You can book your hotel room with their preferred partner—The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.

Bring your blanket or lawn chair and get gussied up in your backwoods best. Think Duck Dynasty meets Red Neck.

Mountain View Ranchos Neighborhood Watch Meeting

neighborhoodwatchFLAGSTAFF – Coconino County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Jim Driscoll and District 4 Supervisor Mandy Metzger would like to invite residents of the Mountain View Ranchos community to attend the Neighborhood Watch meeting on Thursday, July 24, 2014. The meeting will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Mountain View Ranchos Thrift Shop which is located across the road from the Mountain View Market.

Representatives of the Sheriff’s Office will be at the meeting to encourage continued neighborhood participation and to share information. Doney Park Community Deputies will be available to answer questions and provide support to this partnership between law abiding citizens, law enforcement and county government.

Representatives of the Sheriff’s Office and the Coconino County Department of Emergency Management will speak about the awareness of and preparedness for natural disasters and other emergencies. Instructions will be provided on how to build a “Go Bag” which contains items required for an evacuation out of the residence lasting up to 72 hours. Participants will also be given instructions how to build a “Home Emergency Kit” that will sustain a family for up to 72 hours in the event they are required to “Shelter in Place.” Presenters will speak about the Coconino County Code Red emergency notification system and participants will be given the opportunity to register to receive the notifications.

One Dead Following a One Vehicle Rollover Collision near Williams

WILLIAMS - Coconino County Sheriff’s deputies and detectives are investigating a one vehicle roll over collision that occurred on Monday, July 21, 2014 at about 5:25 pm on Drake road in close proximity to the Bar Heart Ranch headquarters. There were two vehicle occupants; the driver and a front seat passenger.

At this point in the investigation deputies believe the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed as it crested the hill just to the east of the Bar Heart Ranch. It is believed the driver began to lose control as the vehicle reached the bottom of the hill and slid across both lanes of traffic. The vehicle hit a large rock on the shoulder of the road and eventually rolled over once completely and then flipped end over end one time completely. Deputies believe 32-year old Rocky Deibler of Williams was ejected at the beginning of the roll and came to rest approximately 20 feet from where he left the vehicle resulting in severe head trauma.

Mr. Deibler was flown to the Flagstaff Medical Center by Native Air medical transport where he was subsequently pronounced deceased. The second vehicle occupant was taken to the Yavapai Regional Medical Center by Lifeline Medical transport where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputies are investigating the possibility that impairment from the consumption of alcohol or other substances may have played a role in this collision. Investigators are attempting to determine which of the two occupants was driving at the time of the collision. No enforcement action has been take at this time.

The deceased victim was taken to the office of the Coconino County Medical Examiner for further examination and investigation.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Officers assisted with this investigation. Additional agencies that responded and assisted with patient care, the collision investigation, or scene management include the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Chino Fire Department, and the Ash Fork Fire Department.

SR 89A reduced to one lane through switchbacks

Drivers can expect minimal delays as crews finish striping SR 89A through the switchbacks from Pine Flats Campground to the Vista Point Overlook. One lane will be closed during operations, with flaggers allowing alternating access for traffic. Striping is expected to be completed by Friday, and will be underway daily from 6 am to 6pm during operations.

Traffic delays may occur during construction with traffic reduced to one lane. There will be directional signage and flaggers present during construction. ADOT advises motorists to be alert for construction equipment and personnel, and to proceed through the work zone with caution.

German Chancellor Merkel receives birthday greeting

merkel-BBCBBC News reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a birthday serenade during a recent press conference. Chancellor Merkel turned 60 on July 17 and reported that she received flowers from other leaders of the EU. It is not widely reported that the NSA sent a birthday greeting and Bit Coin to her IPhone.

ADOT’s Loop 303 project between Glendale and Peoria avenues wins regional award for budget savings

640px-303PHOENIX – One of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Phoenix-area freeway projects has won an award for being completed under budget, according to a major transportation association.

ADOT’s Loop 303 expansion project between Peoria and Glendale avenues was $8.5 million under its $80 million budget and earned one of the “America’s Transportation Awards” from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) during the group’s western region conference in Albuquerque.

“We’re very proud of this recognition because it reflects our commitment as a steward of the taxpayers’ investment in our transportation system,” said ADOT Director John Halikowski. “We strive to save funds that can be used on additional freeway improvements.”

The Loop 303 improvements between Peoria and Glendale avenues are part of a series of five major projects ADOT began in 2011 to reconstruct more than 12 miles of Loop 303 north of Interstate 10. Construction crews have changed an outdated two-lane highway into a modern six-lane freeway with on- and off-ramps at major cross-street interchanges.

The award-winning project includes ramps connecting with the new east-west Northern Parkway, a smooth and durable rubberized asphalt pavement and bridges taking Loop 303 over local railroad tracks.

In pointing out ongoing uncertainty about transportation funding in the U.S., AASHTO President Mike Hancock said awards like the one given to ADOT “not only give state departments of transportation recognition for their hard work and incredible results, but also highlight the need for stability as the federal Highway Trust Fund continues its decline toward critical levels.”

ADOT is preparing to complete its series of Loop 303 expansion projects between I-10 and Grand Avenue (US 60) in the West Valley in September, when the freeway-to-freeway interchange linking I-10 and Loop 303 in Goodyear is due to open to traffic.

The America’s Transportation Awards competition is sponsored by AAA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AASHTO.

Salt River Canyon rest area to reopen before Thanksgiving holiday

4c212e6614554.preview-300PHOENIX – Travelers along US 60 between Globe and Show Low will once again have a place to stop and rest by this fall. The Arizona Department of Transportation is renovating the Salt River Canyon rest area, which has been closed for the past several years.

The project will include restroom building renovations, replacement of the composting toilet system, water well work, new parking lot pavement and new signage.

Construction work should not interfere with traffic on US 60 through the Salt River Canyon, but the work zone will be signed and drivers are advised to proceed through the area with caution.

The Salt River Canyon rest area has been closed for the last several years due to extensive repair needs for which there was no funding. In 2011, ADOT started a $17.4 million rest area rehabilitation program that prioritized rest area repair projects and began to include them in ADOT’s Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program. With funding now available, the Salt River Canyon rest area is receiving the upgrades it needs.

Sunset Point, Bouse Wash, McGuireville and Hassayampa rest areas have all been refurbished through the rest area rehabilitation program. ADOT will make repairs to 12 remaining rest areas over the next few years.

Once the Salt River Canyon rest area reopens, it will be maintained by Infrastructure Corporation of America, the private entity which manages the operation and maintenance of the rest areas through a public-private partnership with ADOT.

Lightning caused wildfires burning in the Kaibab

Managed fires were started yesterday to combat Sitgreaves and Duck fires. View from I-40

Managed fires were started yesterday to combat Sitgreaves and Duck fires. View from I-40

PARKS/TUSAYAN/FREDONIA - The Williams area is experiencing the first fires of the season. The Sitgreaves and Duck fires are located in the area of Parks and the McRae fire is located in the Tusayan Ranger District. The fires are lightning caused. The Quaking fire, reported today, is burning near Fredonia in the North Kaibab Ranger District. The forest service has identified areas in which the fires may spread and are conducting preventative managed burns.

Sitgreaves fire visible from Williams.

Sitgreaves fire visible from Williams.

In the Williams Ranger District, the Sitgreaves Fire is 350 acres located five-miles northwest of Parks. Aerial ignitions are being used to prevent the spread of the fire into areas identified by the forest service. The Duck fire located three-miles northwest of Parks has grown to 324 acres and is being monitored by fire crews. Some beneficial fires may be started to reduce standing densities to reduce the threat of high intensity wildfire. Smoke from both fires are visible from I-40.

“With recent deep moisture, we feel confident in a quick transition from extreme fire danger and the associated full suppression fire management strategies to managing natural fire to benefit our resources” says District Fire Management Officer, James Pettit.

The Tusayan Ranger District is fighting the 1500-acre McRae fire is located about five-miles southeast of Tusayan and smoke may be visible from State Route 64. While varying monsoonal precipitation and winds are likely to change fire behavior and growth over the next several days, general fire behavior is anticipated to be low intensity with 6-12 inch flame lengths. Crews are planning 500-acres of managed ignitions as needed within the planning area.

About eighty fire fighters are engaged in these three fires.

The 27-acre Quaking fire is located approximately 40 miles southeast of Fredonia in the North Kaibab Ranger District. There is no information as to the cause. Today crews are planning managed ignitions as needed along FSRs 271 and 206. No smoke impacts are anticipated at this time.

Lane restrictions on I-17 next week for guardrail repair

adot-logo3The Arizona Department of Transportation will begin guardrail repair on Monday, July 21 on Interstate 17 from Table Mesa Road to just south of State Route 169, and will continue through Wednesday, July 23.

The work between mileposts 235 and 274 requires alternating lane restrictions in both directions and intermittent shoulder closures from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. No delays are expected.

The speed limit through the work zones will be reduced to 45 mph during work hours. Arizona Revised Statute 28-710 §B. provides for double the fine for speeding through a marked highway work zone.

Tucson councilman wants to give police more excuses to confiscate guns.

(NOTE: Opinion piece by Charles Heller of AzCDL who is not responsible for the tile on this post.)

Re: “Cops need more gun seizure power, Koz says…” In the Arizona Daily Star.

ACDLlogo3One of the most regrettable phrases in the English Language, is, “there ought to be a law…”

How regrettable it is that sitting elected officials don’t look up our current law, before suggesting changes in it. Some supposed “emergency,” instead becomes the vapid excuse for more suppression of civil rights. That’s called bigotry, Councilman Kozachik. It wasn’t cool when we did it to Blacks, and it is no more cool to do it to the next minority down the line.

Councilman Kozachik claims to want a “legal opinion” before he proposes an ordinance. He does not need one. All he need do is read ARS 13-3108. In a nutshell, 3108 makes the state the controlling legal authority in terms of firearm regulation. Political subdivisions (cities, counties, boards, districts) cannot enforce restrictions more stringent than state law. See for yourself, at:

If state law does not authorize it, the city cannot do it. Preemption makes firearms laws equal, from Window Rock to Steins. The Arizona Citizens Defense League asks Councilman Kozachik to take what the courts call “legal notice,” of the law.

“Preemption” was strengthened at the urging of The Arizona Citizens Defense League in 2010, specifically to prevent the ideas of people like Councilman Kozachik, from ever burdening the rights of the people of Arizona, again. This was especially true in the wake of the Rineer vs. Tucson case. In that case, Ken Rineer’s rights were not deemed to have been violated by the city ignoring state law, “he need merely have walked around Himmel Park, rather than in it.” Yes, yes, all the animals are equal, just some are “more equal” than others….

This year AzCDL may request an addendum to that law, known as the “this means you, Steve,” clause.

Had Councilman Kozachik done slightly more due diligence, he would have discovered that state law already contains the ability of a law enforcement officer to force psychological evaluation on a person who may be a danger to himself or others, in ARS 36-520 through 526.

Really, councilman, it’s online. You can look it up for yourself at: If a person is judged incompetent by a court, there is already a lawful process to remove his guns. We don’t need any more, sir. Causing a person to prove that he is not crazy, in order to exercise a fundamental right, Councilman Kozachik, amounts to “guilty until proven innocent.”

As Dennis Prager says, “the larger the government, the smaller the citizen.” We do not need any “smaller” citizens, Mr. Kozachik, we need better “hired help” at the City Council. That starts with those who first concern themselves with Article 2, Section 2 of the Arizona Constitution:

“Political power; purpose of government: “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.“

Councilman, you swore an oath to uphold that Constitution. If there is any new law needed, it is a criminal penalty for those elected officials who disobey said oath. Failing that, Ace Hardware is running it’s “tar and feathers special,” and I’m sure the RKBA community would gladly chip in to color match it to your bicycle.

The greatest blessing you could give this community, Councilman Kozachik, is the descending Doppler sound of your bicycle bell.

Charles Heller
Communications Coordinator,
Arizona Citizens Defense League
Host, Liberty Watch Radio
AM 1030 KVOI Tucson

Five Feet High and Rising

buckskin-risingWILLIAMS - The current monsoon season seems to have done some good for Williams. You will probably not see a difference looking at Santa Fe dam or some of the other reservoirs.

The Buckskinner Park reservoir is a bit different. It is easier to see the water rise against the dam built there.

In May when both the dam at Buckskinner and Santa Fe are expected to be overflowing, the water in both was lowering.

A recent picture a few days ago shows that the water is clearly rising.

As for future precipitation, there is a 20% chance of rain before 11pm tonight dropping to 10% chance tomorrow. It will be partly cloudy Sunday returning to clear on Monday. There is a slight chance of rain the rest of the week.