Burnt Complex update


Kaibab National Forest Service photo

FREDONIA — As smoke from the Burnt Complex started to become visible from the communities of Kanab and Fredonia at about 4 p.m. yesterday, firefighters continued to receive positive results on this managed fire, which is located approximately 34 miles south of Fredonia and 5 miles southwest of Big Springs.

The Burnt Complex is located within the southern portion of the 28,060 acre Burnt Corral Vegetation Management Project area and has increased in size at steady pace since its discovery on July 5. The complex continues to be managed under Incident Commander Dave Veater in order to reduce accumulated fuels on the forest floor, recycle nutrients into the soil, and protect the greater area from future high-intensity wildland fires.

Fire Name/Date Started: Burnt Complex; the Burnt Fire was discovered on July 5, and the Corral Fire on July 9.

Location: Both the Burnt Fire and the Corral Fire are being managed as the Burnt Complex within the previously established 3,915-acre Burnt Fire planning area. The complex is bound by Forest Service Road (FSR) 228 on the north, FSR 274 on the south and west, and FSR 22 on the east.

Cause/Fire Behavior: Lightning/Moderate.

Size: Approximately 441 acres.

Fuel Types: Pine, down woody debris and duff (material on the forest floor consisting of decomposing needles and other natural materials).

Closures: Currently no road or trail closures are in effect or anticipated; however, hazard signs are posted, and motorists should exercise caution.
Resources Committed: 2 Type II Wildland Fire Modules, 1 Type-3 engine, 2 Type-4 engines, 1 Type-6 engine, 1 dozer, 1 Type-2 Initial Attack Crew, 1 Water Tender, 24 overhead; 62 personnel total.