Black Friday ribbon cutting in Williams could cause problems with the military.

Mayor Moore of Williams came to cut the ribbon.

We all know how hard it is to keep a secret. And the secret base of Area 51 is the biggest unkempt secret in history.

On black Friday in Williams Mayor Moore cut the ribbon on the newest store which may draw the interest of the Men in Black. Luis Ramallo opened his second Alien Beef Jerky store in the small city out of the way of the prying eyes of the military. He opened his first store in Baker, California in 2002. It was such a success that he wholesales his Alien Beef Jerky to other stores.

The opening included a special attraction. The actual DeLorean Motor Car used in the movie. Not the Back to the Future series, but the Fireball Run movies. “Doc” Paul Nigh explained that his car is a replica of the only existing car from the movie series. The others that were used were left in the backlot in various states of disrepair. The proceeds of the Fireball Run event is used to find missing children. Their motto, “The Race to recover Americas missing children.”

There are other items besides beef jerky. They include snacks, a variety of drinks, and hot sauces for the discriminating tea party member. They also have a unique penny souvenir crusher with alien Grand Canyon themes. Mr. Ramallo adds that the stock on hand is not complete. He expects to be fully stocked at the Williams store by the summer.

Mayor John Moore opening the new Alien Beef Jerky store.

Indeed their theme is unique to this small town with alien statues about the store, an alien psychic, reprints of newspapers and slides displayed on their HD monitors. Even Spock, Kirk and McCoy have “beamed in.”