The Day I Shot an Arctic Wolf.

Williams, December 15—It was cold outside. With almost a foot-and-a-half of snow on the ground the wind made it nearly intolerable. That is what made our hunt from within the confines of the Jeep Cherokee so desirable. Our desire was to find whatever animals we could and shoot them. We even had the blessings of the authorities in charge.

We entered into the wilderness on the dirt road provided. The snow had been plowed away, so almost any car would have sufficed. They even provided us with a GPS device that told us the exact spot where we would find the animals on our hunting extravaganza. We passed right by the American burros without incident. We did not need a ride and who wants to shoot a burro? I have on previous hunts, but that is not what I was after this time.

It was not long before we spotted our prey. An Arctic Wolf right in the middle of the road. It was almost too easy. My dog ran frantically throughout the vehicle from one window to the next to point out the animal. They were all around us. It could be, also, that he just wanted to play with them. I took careful aim and shot right through the windshield. Another approached to stand beside the first, and I shot them both. I did not even have to roll down the window. In fact, the authority in charge asks that you do not roll down your window. That day I had a chance to shoot a white buffalo, some ravens and squirrels, and even a couple of bears.

Of course this is all easy when you are shooting with a camera and the “authority in charge” is Bearizona in Williams Arizona.

My friend won a season pass in a contest last year and we have gone several times over the year. The growth we have witnessed is amazing. We watched the addition of the new animals and “Fort Bearizona.” The first raptor show was good providing some unexpected humor.

The latest addition is a new global positioning system device that you plug into your cigarette lighter. Each animal area is separated by fences and cattle guards. As you pass through, the GPS device gives you images and information about the animal area that you are in. This is probably the best addition to the park since its opening. It is educational and fun for the kids.

In the walk through area, most of the animals were active including the young bears that we saw being fed as cubs last spring. There you will see raccoons scrambling into the trees, foxes, lynx and even the striped skunk. Although he seems to stay in out of the cold much of the time. At Fort Bearizona, you and the kids will get a chance to pet a variety of animals including a buffalo. At least, until she grows up.

If you live in the Williams area or visit Williams a lot, you can get a twelve-month season pass for only $175 and they also give you a one time car load pass that you can give away to friends and family who visit. Last winter, the park had to close until the following spring, but so far they have been able to remain open. The park will close, however, during January and February. If you plan on a visit to Williams Arizona for a Marvelous Marv Tour or the Polar ExpressTM, this is one park you should plan on visiting while it is open.

Some of the local residents get involved in the show. The Kaibab squirrels seems unaffected by the presence of the bears in the park.

The Dall Sheep lamb takes a break under the watchful eye of its parent.

Playful raccoons climbing the trees.

The noble white bison You also get a chance to view the regular north American bison.

Another caged animal that is not part of the tour. This animal can be found around the downtown area of Williams and likes to get pets from kids and visitors from around the world.

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  1. Great article and photographs. A place well worth coming to Williams to visit.
    From what I understand they will be closed January and February and reopen in March 2012.

  2. Thank you for the guided tour through Bearizona. Don’t bite that ” tongue in cheek”. lol
    Your pictures were exceptional, I especially enjoyed the one with the squirrel with the bear.
    I’m looking forward to my next visit to Bearizona, your article was an unexpected treat.
    Merry Christmas to you and Prince. God’s blessings for a memorable New Year.

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