Arizona entrepreneur creates the “ultimate” survival tool

CROVEL0Scottsdale, AZ — Shortly after launching its Gear Up Center online store, Recon LLC has announced the arrival of its newest innovation, The Crovel Folding Shovel. After purchasing countless shovels, creator Tim Ralston conceived the idea and followed through with extensive research. The ex-military expert decided to move forward and develop the e-tool by combining several tools into one with its base serving as a crowbar and a shovel. The Crovel (shovel + crowbar) was unveiled at an outdoor camping gear show and introduced as the next evolution of the e-tool to the show’s attendees. The Crovel shovel offers multiple functions such as a hammer, ax, pick, pry bar, hoe, and machete. During the audience demonstrations, the Crovel’s sheer strength and solid construction proved the tool to be virtually indestructible and highly versatile compared to other folding shovels.

Made of 10 gauge-hardened steel, the Crovel claims to outlast and outdo its fellow competitors who offer stamped steel shovelheads with wooden handles. When put through a rigid test, competing folding shovels frequently bent and broke while the Croval remained in tact. By combining several tools into one, the Crovel can reduce excess weight of unneeded gear by approximately 45 pounds. Made for durability, multiple functionality and handling ease, the sharpness and strength of the Crovel’s edge gives the user the options for cutting, chopping, and sawing while keeping its edge. The shovel’s handle is a 19” hardened gooseneck crowbar with a hammer face on the end to add additional strength and function. Further distinguishing it from its competitors, the Crovel has 550 para cord wrapped around the handle for additional grip strength while giving the user 15-20’ of life-saving material that can be used thousands of different ways.

From digging fire-pits to tent floors, chopping wood to clearing a trail, prying a broken lock to utilizing as a self-defense weapon, the Croval shovel has proven to be an indispensable piece of camping and survival gear. In fact, in some states it is unlawful to camp without a bucket, shovel, and axe or the camper can face a fine. Recon tests every shovel for strength, balance, hardness, finish and workmanship. The company is so confidant the Crovel shovel is the only folding shovel the user will ever need to purchase, that it provides a lifetime warranty.

Described as the “the Swiss Army Knife of shovels”, the product also displays a “Made in the USA” label with built-in American pride and strength. Of most importance to inventor and co-founder, Tim Ralston; “The United States has historically manufactured the best tools. I wanted to improve tool life and performance while keeping the production in the United States. Millions of USA citizens have lost jobs; hundreds of companies as well as businesses have shut down, and the whole country has gone into an economic downslide. I wanted to make a small difference; manufacturing locally will not only assist local companies, it will encourage their business’ growth, and this means that they can offer more jobs to Americans,” says Tim.

The Crovel is a United States high-quality product made in Arizona which benefits Arizona entrepreneurs and workers. The original Crovel is $89 with an “extreme” version for $20 more. You can always opt for the Crovel Extreme Submariner for $395.

Tim has been featured on the National Geographic Channel “Preppers” show and was recently interviewed on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory. The Crovel is sold exclusively at Gear Up.

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