New email scam aimed at domain name owners

Internet–A new email scam is running around the web targeting owners of domain names. The email comes from “John” whose email address was, but the Reply to is

The initial email is in broken English informing the person that someone is interested in purchasing your domain name, but it does not specify which domain name. Subsequent emails offer you $9000 for your domain name and instruct you to go to

The first email reads:

We have a customer interested to buy your domain. If you are interested to sell it let me know your asking price
We dont know how to contact with you, if you got this email please contact us ASAP

John Sean

A follow-up email reads:

Sorry for delayed, i lost your email in bulk folder.
my customer offer is $9000 for your domain
i want buy though its secure for both

A Whois search reveals no information about the owner of the site and only reveals that it is registered in Colorado. The site was registered in February of this year.

The purpose of the scam remains a mystery.

Source: Williams TEA Party