Forecast includes clear for Clean and Beautiful

WILLIAMS—The seven-day forecast shows an 80% chance of rain for Thursday night with a slight chance Friday. However it is predicted to clear for the Williams Clean and Beautiful campaign Saturday.

The clean-up event ends with a barbeque around noon after completion at the Recreation Center. Everyone is invited to join the event by showing up at the Recreation Center parking lot by the new community stage to get a bag for trash.

Williams, like other communities, still has a problem with plastic bag flags and aircraft blowing in the wind. The issue was taken up once, but the problem continues. Safeway was collecting bags returned to the store for recycling. They can, also, be used in some trash containers as alternative trash bags or used to clean up after your pets when walking them as required by city ordinance.

For smoking visitors or residence, the Williams Chamber located in the Williams Visitor Center offers pocket ash trays which can be used while walking through town. They are safer than dropping your cigarette butts into a trash can and can be disposed of later.

In addition residents can dispose of spent electronics at the dump located on Rodeo Road next to the Rodeo grounds. Residents have a week after to dump yard trash for free. They can also call the city to get rid of one used appliance.