Run for the Wall stops at the American Legion for supper

WILLIAMS—The American Legion in Williams set up a dinner for the riders of Run for the Wall event. Mayor John Moore as usual welcomed the riders and thanked them for their service.

Run for the Wall is an annual event since 1989 in which veterans of all services ride to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. to arrive by Memorial Day. They ride to bring attention to the still missing in action and prisoners of war from all wars and to honor those who were killed in action. Their motto is “We ride for those who can’t.”

The policy of the federal government until recently has always been to not leave men behind in a war.

Mayor John Moore welcomes the veterans.

Richard Aguilar of the American Legion Cordova Post #13 organizes the event each year. With the help of his brother Eddie and Melvin Berry they organized volunteers to set up, cook and clean-up after the event.

Commander of the Post Horacio Ortiz said that the volunteers were having a great time this year and were in high spirits. He was extremely happy with all of the volunteers.

Veterans stop to say hello to local residents.

The efforts of the Legion are appreciated by the riders of Run for the Wall who make Williams their first stop each year.

The Prescott Veteran Center brought a van to the event with various gifts for the veterans. These included a pocket calendar, various health pamphlets and stress squeeze foam items. One of the most useful to Navy veterans involved in anti-submarine warfare is a foam squeeze submarine.

Local welcome dog Prince receives a new tag from Run for the Wall crew.

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