July 28th is National Day of the Cowboy in Arizona

Who hasn’t wished they were or played cowboy as a kid? The cowboy has always been a fixture in the collective memory of Americans. Cowboys have actually existed in several countries, but the American cowboy through movies continues to be the image that sparks the imagination. Many small communities, such as Williams, has a cowboy show that attracts tourists from around the world. Now you will be able to release that fantasy one day this year.

Arizona Senate Resolution 1006 voted on unanimously supports National Day of the Cowboy on Saturday July 28th.

The resolution recognizes the pioneering and patriotic spirit of the cowboy. The Cowboy, the resolution states, embodies honesty, integrity, courage, compassion and determination.

Rodeos draw 30,000,000 fans from around the world. The first is said to have been held in Prescott, Arizona in 1888 when a group of cowboys got together to display their talents.