TSA keeps you from flying; allows illegals

While TSA fondles American citizens and keeps a “no-fly” list to keep us “safe,” they have no mechanism to prevent illegals from attending flight school and obtaining a pilot license. TSA is apparently responsible for ensuring flight school security. Those on the “no-fly” list, numbering about 500 according to the Associated Press, are allowed to learn to fly.

“I was stunned. That just caught me completely off guard, and I’m pretty angry about it,” Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., said after a hearing Wednesday to examine the Homeland Security Department’s programs to screen foreigners who want to attend flight schools. “Everybody should be concerned.”

According to Homeland Security Today, ICE detectives “…investigated a flight school in Boston, Mass., and discovered 25 illegal aliens taking pilot training there.”

The article does not report that the flight school in Boston was run by an illegal alien. Six illegal aliens were able to obtain pilots licenses. The activity went unreported until the illegal alien owner of the flight school was stopped by local police for a routine traffic violation. Such an event might be caught in Arizona if all of SB-1070 were ruled constitutional.