Where has all the ammo gone?

For weeks news of massive purchases of ammunition have sparked concerns across the Internet that the government was preparing for possible clashes with American citizens.

Reports are the DHS has ordered a million rounds of ammunition and large amounts of riot gear. It has even been reported that the amount of ammunition has been redacted from official government documents available to the public. The amount of .223 ammunition purchased by the DHS and ICE is over 4-million dollars.

While some might consider the purchase by these law enforcement agencies as nothing extraordinary, even the least cautious might find in curious that the Social Security Administration and the National Weather service is also stocking up on ammunition.

Redacted information on DHS forms — Courtesy Prison Planet.com

California, at the same time, is considering legislation that would red flag any person purchasing 1000 rounds of ammunition or more.

Private owners are finding it difficult to find ammunition at a reasonable price in the calibers ordered by the government. Charges have been levied by some gun dealers that the State Department has ordered ammunition being shipped into the United States to be held in storage—at the expense of the business ordering the ammunition—for the sole purpose of driving the price of ammunition up.

Concern is also raised over the United Nations small arms treaty still making its way through the consideration process. Reports are that the small arms treaty effectively nullifies the Second Amendment protection and bans virtually all weapons from private ownership. While the Supreme Court has ruled that treaties cannot violate the Constitution of the United States, fears are that the government could proceed to confiscate and destroy weapons until an elongated court battle could be conducted.

Why The Gov’t Purchase Of Ammunition Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

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