KING: Blacks should vote God’s way — against Obama

By Alveda King

Earlier this year, President Obama became the first president in American history to openly advocate for homosexual “marriage,” explicitly reversing his position from four years ago, when, at a forum in Saddleback Church in California, he stated his support for traditional marriage, saying that it was the biblical view he held.

I, along with many others in the black community, was very disturbed. I wish I could say I was shocked, but I never believed his word at Saddleback Church. I had followed his history and record. I knew he was always pro-abortion and for homosexual “marriage,” even though the Bible is clear about the dangers of such practices. Sometimes politicians say what is convenient at a certain time, and I think that’s why he originally stated his support for traditional marriage — it may be the reason he reversed his position as well.

In 2008, the black community as a whole voted almost as a single block for Mr. Obama. Blacks also overwhelmingly approved Proposition 8 in California, which banned homosexual “marriage” in favor of natural marriage during the same election. Conservative morals and values run deep in the black community. In the current election, we need to remember those roots when we go to the polls.

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