Candidates for November 6th election.

FLAGSTAFF—You might be aware through the negative ad campaigns that Barrack Hussein Obama is defending his office against Republican challenger Mitt Romney, Ann Kirkpatrick is trying to get back into office despite the efforts of Jonathan Paton, and Jeff Flake is trying to stave off Richard Carmona. You may not know about the two Independent candidates for U.S. Senator who might actually be the best choice since there are no negative ad campaigns against them.

On the county level you have very little choice even though Proposition 121 — the no choice initiative — has yet to pass. In the county supervisor race for District 1, Democrat Art Babbot will face Change Status Quo challenger Gail Dent. Incumbent Matt Ryan will defend his county supervisor seat against Independent Jack Darum of Flagstaff in District 3.

Democratic Patty Hansen is facing off with Independent Troy Troutman of Parks for the office of County Recorder.

For Judge of Superior Court for Division 5, Cathleen Nichols is running against Republican Gary Robbins. There is also a list of judges up for retention.

All other candidates for county office are running unopposed.

Write-in candidates for the November 6th election include presidential electors, two Independents for Senator and one candidate for council member of the Town of Tusayan—Robert Evans. The two Independents running as write-in for U.A. Senator are Don Manspeaker and Steven Watts.

The full text of countywide propositions and questions can be found here.