Bloomberg refuses National Guard assistance to Sandy victims in Brooklyn because of guns.

NEW YORK—A report on Newsbusters indicates that Mayor Michael Rubens Bloomberg of New York refused to allow National Guard units into Brooklyn—despite the pleas of Borough President Markowitz. The reason for denying the aid to Sandy victims was because the National Guard carries guns.

Apparently Bloomberg refused the request an hour before his press conference claiming his brave NYPD and FDNY were “overwhelmed.” Bloomberg refused, alleges the story, because it would turn the Borough into a “police state.”

“We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”—the article reports.

Markowitz hoped that the presence of soldiers would stop a rash of looting and break-ins that occurred in the aftermath of Sandy.